Vessels Green Re-cycling

  • ​Trained personnel monitoring the full process of Recycling vessels within the Implementation of Annex 2 Resolution MEPC 196 (62) Adopted July 2011 and Implementation of Annex 4 Resolution MEPC.210 (63) Adopted March 2012.
  • Assist with inventory for Hazardous Materials (IHM) to and for Ship-owners obligations.
  • Review of the Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP) prior to the contract signing and / or prior to vessel’s arrival in recycling facility.
  • Review Recycling Facility, Ship recycling methodology and advise owners.
  • Review of the Recycling Facility framework of ship recycling procedures (SRP) with particular attention to specific vessels.
  • Review the Document of Authorization to conduct Ship Recycling (DASR)
  • Advice to owners for the IMO Guidelines and Breakers Yards Procedures alignment
  • Check Ship Recycling facility notification to local authorities
  • Advice to owners /ships staff to get Vessels prepared for entering breakers yard, (tank cleaned requirements, ballast and air draft conditions to get to specific yards, off landing spares and company assets etc.).
  • Monitor the Ship Recycling Facility with trained personnel and verifying yard are following the agreed methodology and within the IMO guidelines.
  • Review ships specific recycling Certificates issued by the Facility.
  • ​Issuing final report to owners.


Vessels Green Re-cycling Leaflets