Ballast Water Treatment System Retrofit

  • ​​Preselection of BWTS based on predefined procedure and acceptance criteria (proven template)
  • Feasibility study for Owner’s preferred BWTS
  • Estimation of BWTS retrofit CAPEX and BWTS OPEX
  • Onboard feasibility survey and photographic scanning
  • Onboard 3D scanning
  • Review of scanned 3D model against actual onboard arrangement
  • Final confirmation on selected BWTS
  • Design development: 3D model -> PID drawings -> classification drawings -> isometric drawings -> Material Take Off list
  • HAZID for fitting the system onboard the vessel (on passage or in dry dock)
  • Class approval for documentation
  • Prefabrication stage
  • ​Supervision during prefabrication, installation and commissioning


Ballast Water Treatment System Retrofit Leaflets