QMS & Policies

Quality Policy

ISO Certificates

To provide high quality technical consultancy and supervision services for newbuilding, retrofit and conversion projects utilising our extensive shipbuilding and operational expertise in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner in compliance with applicable national, international, statutory and regulatory requirements.To establish and maintain excellent relations with our customers and business partners.

To satisfy our customers and to continually improve our performance, we have established ISO 9001:2015 based quality management system.

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

Schulte Marine Concept (SMC) is fully committed to developing and maintaining a strong and positive HSSE culture in which all individuals are aware of health, safety, and the environmental impact of their working activity, and are empowered to take appropriate action to minimize risk.

Managerial responsibility and accountability for HSSE performance lies with the most senior person in each area of the operation, with every employee / contractor having the personal authority to stop work when exposure to a hazard presents too high a risk to safety.

Developing and maintaining our positive HSSE attitude is a critical requirement for continually improving our HSSE performance.

The importance of the job and the pressure of time or financial constraints are no justification for potentially compromising the health and safety of any person and we will all be justly accountable for our actions and or omissions.

We aim to inspire confidence in our collective ability to provide a healthy, safe, secure and environmentally friendly working environment, and our individual ability to work in a like manner.