Track Record

Vessel Experience

#Vessel TypeCompleted ProjectsCurrent Projects
1Container164 vessels14 vessels
2MPV10 vessels
3Bulk Carrier84 vessels36 vessels
4VLOC34 vessels8 vessels
5Conversion: VLCC to VLOC, container to grain carrier, cable laying vessel7 vessels
6Self-Uploading Vessel4 vessels
7Heavy Lift Vessel2 vessels
8Crude/Chemical/Product Tanker76 vessels9 vessels
9LNG Carrier8 vessels
10LEG Carrier22 vessels1 vessel
11LPG Carrier/NH324 vessels
12LNG Gas Supply Vessel/ LNG Bunkering Vessel1 vessel2 vessels
13FPSO1 unit
14OSV/PSV/ AHT/ Wind Farm Maintenance Vessel/ Maintenance Vessel/ DSV13 vessels2 vessels
15Floating Offshore Transshipping Platform1 unit
16Pipe Laying Barge1 unit
17Offshore Accommodation Vessel2 units
18Floating Dry Dock4 units
19Car/Passenger Ferry / Ro-pax / Expedition Cruise Vessel6 vessels
20Rail Car Carrier2 vessels
Subtotal:457 vessels81 vessels
Total:538 vessels