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Launching of mv “Interlink Mobility”

Dear Business Partners,
At this joyous time of year, the team at Schulte Marine Concept would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our clients and partners who have helped to shape our business.
It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you this year and we thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to continued cooperation with you in the coming year!
We wish you and all your co-workers, family, and friends a very happy festive season and a prosperous 2018!
From the Management of Schulte Marine Concept

Delivery of mt ”Densa Crocodile”

SMC is pleased to report Delivery in Hyundai Heavy Industries Gunsan Shipyard, Korea: of mt ”Densa Crocodile”, Hull No. H2683, the last unit from the series of 2 x 106,000 DWT LR2 Product Carrier ordered by Densa Shipping from Turkey.
Vessel’s principal particulars: LOA = 244.0m, B = 42.0m, D = 19.1m, T d/s = 13.6/15.0m. Propelled by MAN B&W 6G60ME-C9.2 and developing 11,439 KW x 84 rpm at NCR the vessel will operate at the speed of 15.5 knots. The vessel is classed by American Bureau of Shipping and sailed under Marshall Island flag
Classification notes: +A1(e), Oil Carrier ESP, POT, CSR, AB-CM, +AMS, +ACCU, VEC-L, UWILD, RW, CPS, CPP, GP, SPMA, ENVIRO, TCM, BWT, CRC, PMA.
The Vessel sailed out for her Maiden voyage to Singapore on 7th of February 2015

The Erection Starting Ceremony of Hull No. TK 1020

At M/s. Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, China: The Erection Starting Ceremony of Hull No. TK 1020, the fourth vessel of the series of 15 numbers GREEN DOLPHIN 38,000 Dwt Bulk carriers ordered by Marine Capital Corporation, Bermuda conducted on 06th Feb 2015 in Yard Slipway No.1. Plan approval and Site Supervision are being carried out by Schulte Marine Concept.
Main Particulars: LOA of 180 m, Beam of 32.00 m and Depth 15.00 m. At Design Draft of 9.50 m, the vessel is designed to have a Service Speed of 14.0 knots at CSR with 15% Sea Margin. The vessel is powered with one set of MAN 5S50ME-B9.3 Tier II engine with SMCR 6,100 kW @ 99 rpm.
The vessel is classed with Lloyd Register (LR) and Class Notation is LR +100A1 Bulk Carrier, CSR, BC-A, Hold Nos. 2, 4 may be empty, Grab [20], ESP, Ship Right (CM, ACS(B,D)), *IWS, LI, ECO(P, BWT, EEDI, IHM), Ice Class 1C FS. + LMC, UMS; Ship Right ((BWMP (F,T), SCM, SERS).
The ceremony is attended by SMC Site Team, LR Surveyor and Shipyard representatives.
The Ship Launching is scheduled on 8th April 2015 and the Delivery on 8th July 2015.


Yangfan Group Co., Ltd, Zhejiang East Coast Shipyard, China: Delivery of MV “MATHILDE SCHULTE” (Yard No.: H2293), the first vessel from a series of 12 units of 2,345 container vessels ordered jointly by B.Schulte and J.P.Morgan.
With principal particulars: L = 189.00m, B = 30.4m, D = 16.9m, T d/s = 8.5/10.5m, container capacity on deck = 1,386 TEU, container capacity in holds = 959 TEU, refrigerated containers = 500 FEU, dwt d/s = 20,950/30,350t, vessel is propelled by main engine MAN B&W 6G60ME-C9.2 Tier II, 12,832KW x 97rpm. Classification notation: LR +100A1 Container Ship, Ship Right (SDA, FDA plus(25 N/A), ACS(B), CM), LI, *IWS, ECO (IHM, EEDI-3), +LMC, UMS, NAV1, Descriptive Notes: ShipRight(SCM, SERS, (BWMP(T)).
The naming ceremony of MV “MATHILDE SCHULTE” was on Jan.28, 2015.

Steel Cutting Ceremony OF mv ”Mathilde Schulte”

SMC is pleased to report Steel Cutting Ceremony in Sungdong Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, Korea: of mv ”Mathilde Schulte”, Hull No. S3090, the fifth unit from the series of 6 x 50,000 DWT Product/ Chemical tankers IMO Type II ordered by Breakwater Capital.
Vessel’s principal particulars: LOA = 183.0m, B = 32.2m, D = 19.1m, T d/s = 11.0/13.3m. Propelled by MAN B&W 6G50ME-B9.3 with ECT Part Load tuning and developing 6,219 KW x 83.9 rpm at NCR the vessel will operate at the speed of 14 knots. All vessels in the series are classed by Lloyd’s Register and will be built to Singapore flag requirements.
Classification notes: +100A1, Double Hull Oil and Chemical Tanker, Ship Type 2 and Ship type 3, CSR, ESP, ShipRight (CM, ACS(B)), *IWS, LI, SPM4, +LMC, IGS, UMS. Descriptive Notes: COW (LR), ETA, ShipRight (BWMP(S, T), IHM, SERS, VECS, SCM)).
Any other info, narrative you wish to add here.
Delivery of the vessel is scheduled for 17th November 2015.

Delivery of mv “Soho Merchant”

Chengxi Shipyard, China: delivery mv “Soho Merchant”, hull Nno. CX0639, 64,000 dwt bulk carriers for B.Schulte related 3rd party client form USA. The main particulars of vessel: 199.90 m (LOA) x 32.26 m (B mld)
x 18.50 m (D mld) x 13.30 m (Draft scantling), powered by MAN-B&W 5S 60MC-C8.2 – Tier II engines, developing 8,050 kW @ 89 rpm with service speed of 14.40 knots.
The vessel is classed with DNV, class notation DNV: +1A1 BULK CARRIER, ESP, ES(S), CSR, COAT-PSPC (B), BC-A (holds No. 2 & 4 may be empty), GRAB(20), E0, TMON, BIS, ECA, RECYCLABLE.

Steel Cutting of NMD169

Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry, Nantong city, China: Steel Cutting Ceremony of NMD169, the third vessel from a series of Ten X 24,000 DWT Stainless steel Chemical Tankers ordered by CELSIUS SHIPPING was carried out at 10:08 on 6th January 2015. The series of ten vessels being built for Celsius Shipping are all Chemical tankers with stainless steel cargo tanks, deep well pumps and capabilities for a range of chemicals and oil. The main particulars of the vessels: 171.00m (LOA) X 26.80m (B) X 13.70 (D) X 9.40m (Designed Draught). The vessel is designed to have a service speed of 14 knots at designed draft of 9.40 m. The vessel is powered with one set of MAN-B&W 5G50ME-B9.3 Tier II with MCR of 5850 kW @ 85 rpm. The vessel is classed by Lloyds Register having Class notations LRS,+100A1 Double Hull Oil and Chemical Tanker, Ship Type 2, SG 1.55, Maximum Cargo Temperature 80° C, ESP, CSR, Ship Right (ACS(B), CM), CR(s,stl), * IWS, LI ,SPM4, ECO(A,BWT,GW,GW,IHM,NOx-2,OW), ShipRight (BWMP(S,T), SCM, SERS),ETA,Effective Tank Cleaning less than 3% LMC,IGS,UMS,NAV1.The Steel cutting was attended by Mr. Steve Nolan( Technical Manager, SMC), SMC site team, LR Surveyor and Shipyard representatives. The Launching of the vessel is expected in December 2015 and the Delivery in June 2016.Delivery of the vessel is scheduled for March 2015.


Huatai Shipyard, Nantong, China: The launching of INTERLINK ABILITY (Hull no. H0017), the first vessel in the series of 8 x 38500 dwt `Green Dolphin’ bulk carriers for Interlink Maritime Corp., Bermuda, was carried out in the presence of local dignitaries, site office and class representatives on 25 Dec 2014.
The main particulars of the vessel are 179.95 m (LOA) x 32.00 m (B mld) x 15.00 m (D mld) x 10.50 m (Draft scantling). The vessel is powered by MAN 5S 50ME-B9.3 – Tier II engine, developing 6100 kW at 99 rpm. The service speed of the vessel is 14.0 knots.
The vessel is classed with Lloyds Register of Shipping having class notation LR +100A1 Bulk Carrier, BC-A, CSR, GRAB [20], Hold Nos. 2 & 4 may be empty, ESP, LI, Ship Right (CM, ACS (B,D)), Ice Class 1C FS, IWS, BWMP (F,T), ECO (P, BWT, EEDI, IHM), +LMC, UMS, SCM, SERS.
The vessels will be delivered to the owner in April 2015.